network status

Green lights indicate the location is LIVE, Red lights indicate an outage

This is a live map of the network. Use Control+Scroll to zoom.


Network is up and operational.


Altoona, PA (HSC): Tree limbs are causing line of site issue for the wireless equipment. Light trimming helps but more work is needed. We are helping the museum raise funds funds to fix that and do much more in the area. If you would like to help out, please go to this link (check the MAINTENANCE box). All  monies donated to VRF for this project have been sent to the proper representative. VRF is not accepting donations on behalf of the museum since they have this setup now. Thank you all for your support. There is a new ISP that is being setup at this location also. New ISP is setup but they did not do the connections right. We are working with them and the museum to get this fixed. 

Laramie, Wyoming (LAR):  Static has arrived. It is pending install by the host.

Ooltewah, Tennesse (OOT) Cable issue at location. Working with the building owner.

Waupaca, WI (WAU) PTZ is down due to a harware issue. 

Skykomish, WA and Ashland, VA: Hardware failure in cam. New one is on the way to host. 

Plant City, FLA: City is troubleshooting internet issues at the site. 


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