network status

Green lights indicate the location is LIVE, Red lights indicate an outage

Virtual Railfan Locations Map Below

This is a live map of the network. Use Control+Scroll to zoom.


Very sorry about the scare. An update was being done on our google stuff and that caused a disturbance in the YT feeds. Please know that we are working on getting them back up and online as I type.  Chats will be put back on the website streams also once the YT side is taken care of. Thank You for your understanding. 


Belen, NM (BEL) Cam is enroute to this location. Getting an install date scheduled. 

Barstow, CA (BAR) Area wide internet outage. It was said to be fixed. Rebooted and updated ISP. Tech had to go out on Saturday again. Still working on what the root cause is. 

Roanoke, VA (RNK) Working on an internal network issue with the host at the location on the PTZ feed. Put cam back online and are still working on this issue. 

Davisville, RI (DVS) Host is getting some renovations done. Cam will be down the week of April 14th.