We are Virtual Railfan.

Virtual Railfan was founded in late 2009.  Since then, our  team has strived to deliver the latest technology of live streaming train cams to the railfan community.  

Virtual Railfan works with cities, towns, museums, historical landmarks and more to bring the wide world of trains and their followers directly to them.  With our vast network of high definition cameras and audio we’re able to deliver a truly immersive experience and allow our viewers to visit your location from anywhere on earth.  

With more than 10 million viewers every month from over 20 countries around the world, our community of viewers isn’t only watching, they are visiting too!

Pictured Above – A beautiful sunset in Rochelle, Illinois at the Rochelle Railroad Park.

Why choose Virtual Railfan?

The answer is simple.


Virtual Railfan prides itself in trying new things and offering the latest technology to our viewers.  We’re not afraid to take chances and be the first to try new things.  Our network speaks for itself in terms of quality.


Our live cams are Marketing gold for your city, business, event location or other venue that wants to attract a community of folks that love to travel and visit the sites they see.  It’s true, put up the cam and they will come!


Virtual Railfan looks forward to getting your brand directly to our viewers.  We average 10 million viewers per month from over 20 countries around the globe.  Contact us today and let’s get started.

Live Events

Do you have a live Railroad or train themed event you want to get out to millions of viewers?  Look no further, Virtual Railfan offers an entire selection of production and event services.  Are you ready?

Our Mission

Virtual Railfan is dedicated to bringing you, the viewers the best quality live streams from some of the most iconic railroading hot spots on earth.  

From location selection to final adjustments the VRF team works tirelessly to ensure we can deliver the very best products to our viewers.  We’re always updating, upgrading and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technology.  When others can’t or won’t you can always look to Virtual Railfan to push the boundaries of what’s possible in order to be the very best.  Be sure to check out all of our live cams.

Frequently asked questions

The process of getting a train cam setup is pretty easy and starts with a site inspection.  A representative from Virtual Railfan will come to your location to take pictures, video and take measurements of the location in order to determine the equipment that will be needed.  Once the site inspection is complete we will place the equipment order.  Once we receive the equipment we will work with you to schedule a date for installation.

Are you looking to attract an audience to your location?  Perhaps you’re a City or museum?  Maybe you have a business or organization looking to attract the railfan community?  Our cams attract over 10 million people each month from over 20 countries around the globe.  Virtual Railfan is an excellent way to reach your audience with beautiful live views from your location to share with the world.  Contact us today and let’s get started.

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