Chat Rules

Chat Rules

Our Chat area is a family friendly chat that is open to all to enjoy. Since this is a family friendly area we ask that you follow some simple rules. We're not going to hand out infractions, or warnings or anything like that. This is a zero tolerance policy and you will be banned from the chat as well as the ability to view the cams.


- This is the Virtual Railfan network, please don't announce trains that aren't on this cam.

- Do not post excessive letters, numbers, etc.

- Do not ask to become a moderator, we will contact you if we are
interested. There has been an overwhelming response to this.

- Do not ask when is the next train coming, we don't know.

- No games, drama, arguments, and overall annoyances.

- No foul language.

- Do not ask other members to subscribe to your channel.

- Please do not ask other members the same thing over and over.

- Do not write in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This is very annoying.

- Do not spam ads, offers, links, or other material that is not
relevant to the chat or the current topic being discussed.

- No name calling.

- Be respectful to other members.

- False reports and heads up info is not tolerated, check your info
before posting. (Zero Tolerance)

- Do not bother other members.

- Do not flood the chat with several messages, please stay on

- Please avoid posting large links in the chat room.