Network Updates

3/13/19 @7:00pm:  North East, PA west cam inspected, damage found to cable.  Replacement scheduled for weekend of 3/15.

3/14/19 @9:40am:  Thomasville back online.

3/14/19 @9:45am:  DVR system testing begins.

3/15/19 @7:10am:  DVR setup begins, will be testing locally.  1hr playback available with anything beyond that available as Video on Demand.

3/16/19 @4:00pm:  West cam at North East, PA back online.

3/18/19 @7:30am:  Player issue identified and reported with DVR playback, slider not allowing full time frame.  Ticket in.

3/22/19 @11:25am:  Player is now being modified by the player company to handle DVR playback.

3/22/19 @6:30pm:  Ashland 360 lost audio. North cam audio is being fed to the cam to keep it up on YouTube, so video/audio will not be synched. Repairs to be scheduled as soon as possible.

3/22/19 @7:20pm:  Ashland 360 audio restored, will appear this evening after server reboot.

4/17/19 @10:30am:  Ashland North cam is fixed