Thomasville Info

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Thomasville Camera

Location Thomasville, NC.
Railroads NS
Google Map Coordinates 35°52'56.7"N 80°05'00.1"W
Camera Position Relative to the Tracks At the North side of Mile Post 306 facing Southwest
Traffic Flow Traffic moving left to right is South Bound (SB)
Camera Sound Yes
RR Radio Scanner Yes
ATCS file ns_piedmont_greensboro-greenville_
Google Earth .kmz file none
Thomasville Camera Facts
  1. The Thomasville camera is mounted on the Thomasville Tourism building.
  2. The T'Ville camera sees 8 passangers trains a day.
    1. 2 Amtraks #19 and #20  The Cresent.
    2. 2 NC sponsored Carolinian trains #79 and #80.
    3. 4 NC sponsored Piedmont trains #73, #74, #75, and #76.