2022 Marketing and Advertising Rates

Reach over 10 million rail enthusiasts every month! 


Our extremely popular grab bag videos generally are released every 2 to 3 days and will normally hit at least 20,000 views within 24 hours and continue to climb from there.  These videos remain on the channel and will continue to garner views over time.  We are able to provide a 15-20 second stinger at the beginning of these videos with your branding, website address as well as your information included in the description with will show up in search results.  The following are the options available for Grab Bag Sponsorship.

1 week with 2 stingers

1 month with 8 stingers

3 months with 20 stingers





Virtual Railfan will make a post about your company or your product on our social media platforms as well as our website.  This post can include text, video and pictures about your brand or product and will show up on the following platforms:  Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok as well as the Virtual Railfan site. 

Single Post

Post Series (5 total)

$500 for all platforms

$2,000 for all platforms


Looking to make a real impact?  Virtual Railfan will shoot a video about your brand and make it a stand alone production.  Since every brand is different we will customize this option to suit your needs.  This video will be seen by our 360,000+ subscribers and over 10 million viewers each and every month.  Contact us today with your needs and our team will work with you to get exactly what you want.

1 Custom video



Virtual Railfan often goes live several times per month when we’re on the road, out railfanning in the community or producing special events.  These productions are at random and will normally garner 20,000+ views in the first 48hrs of being LIVE.  We are able to provide shoutouts to our viewers in the live stream as well as add your information and web address to the descriptions which will also show up in search results. 

Each LIVE video

Porch Trains Series




Get your company or brand in front of over 10 million viewers per month on our YouTube channel.  You pick the camera of your choice from our existing lineup and have your information listed in the description of that particular live feed.  We will also insert live messages directly into our family friendly chats with a link to your site during Prime Time and throughout the day.  These are particularly popular because this also keeps that camera free to the public as a result of your sponsorship and we’ll be sure to let our viewers know about this on a regular basis both in the chats as well as the description.