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Why am I here and what does the sign mean?

Virtual Railfan, Inc. is a live streaming company specializing in live train cameras all over the world.  Often times our cams can be found in parks, trains stations and other public places.  The reason we post signage is to let you know that these cams are live and often include audio.  While we do our best to place the mics in areas to focus on the trains, some times this is not possible.  In locations that pick up audio from the surrounding areas we want to let you know that there are often times thousands of viewers from all over the world watching.  If you’re having a private conversation it’s best to do that away from this sign and the actual cameras.  We’re not here to listen to your conversation, in fact quite the opposite.  We’re here to hear the trains as they pass this location.  Most of these cams can be found on YouTube for free, so feel free to wave to friends and family!  Thanks for stopping by, we hope you’re enjoying your time at this location.