Upgrades in progress!

It’s never a dull moment here at Virtual Railfan.  This summer was much busier than any of us expected and that’s a great thing for our viewers.  Our original plan was to replace a location or two this summer and perhaps add a new location.  Those plans quickly went out the window sometime in May and we haven’t looked back since!  While plans may have changed slightly that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten.  In fact in the past 2 weeks we’ve completely replaced 3 locations with brand new equipment.  Starting on Labor Day weekend with the complete replacement of our original location in Folkston, GA , we have also managed to replace all the equipment at our Cajon Pass and Sweetwater locations as well.  On top of all of this we have managed to add La Grange, KY, Altoona, PA, as well as Deshler, OH and Sweetwater, TN.  The madness doesn’t end there, in fact it’s about to start all over again.  We’ve just conducted a site inspection in Flagstaff, AZ and will be conducting another site inspection in Selma, NC early next week.  From there it’s off to Washington, D.C. and points west.  We hope to replace Lake Shore cams before the year is out on top of adding several more new locations.

Some of you ask why we’re replacing locations that are only a couple of years old.  While it’s very expensive to do, we believe that in order to deliver the very best we must also invest in it.  We strongly believe that in order to deliver the very best product we must have the very best equipment, the best people, and of course you, our best viewers!  We’re planning to get as much done as we can before old man winter arrives so stay tuned, wish us luck, and be sure to let us know how we’re doing.

The VRF Team