Upcoming changes and upgrades

main_stFolkston, GA –   Big changes are coming to our site this week and next.  For starters the free service is being shifted to the Main St. cam only in Folkston.  You will need a membership to view any of the other cams.  We will still be doing free preview weekends throughout the year and during special events.  The reason for this change is that we would like to add and upgrade our current locations and more memberships is the way we will do that.  You won’t be missing anything with the switch, you can still watch trains in Folkston for free using the Main St. Cam.

Microphones! We have ordered our new mics for Cajon Pass as well as Folkston, GA.  These mics will allow us to hear the trains clearly without the disruptive noise of the cooling fans that come on in the warmer months.  Folkston installation is slated for the week of July 6th.  We do not yet have an install date for Cajon Pass, we will update you when that takes place.