Trenching begins

11037002_851507614919762_6738770786779839631_nHESPERIA, CA – Trenching began Saturday at the new Cajon Pass location. We have roughly 600′ from where we have access to power/internet to where the new cams will be placed. Our host has been more than helpful to ensure a smooth installation, and we can’t thank him enough. Now that we’re trenching we can order equipment and begin the final phases of installation. We are hopeful we will be live in the next 10-14 days. This location was a result of one of our viewers working with us to identify an owner that was receptive to us placing a cam. If you know of someone that has a location along a busy stretch of tracks we would love to hear from you. We are looking for new locations to bring online all the time. If you set us up with a location and we place a camera there, your membership is on us! Contact us today and let’s watch trains!

Team VRF