Service begins this week

206953_c7d236f7942445f0b6520c83b5c6af86New membership services will begin later this week. We will post the news on the front page with a link to the membership section where you can choose a membership level that is right for you. If you decide you don’t want or need a membership that’s fine too. You can still watch however there will be some limitations to this level. Free members will be required to watch a video ad that will appear at certain intervals. You will also be restricted to watching one cam at a time without access to the chat or other member services. The free level will have it’s own pages that will have ads on them. Why so many ads you ask? Well streaming video isn’t cheap, and since you don’t want to help out by purchasing a membership this allows us to still have some sort of revenue to help offset our monthly costs which often times exceed $600 every month. We have already discussed adding a south bound view at Folkston and that will be getting started here very soon. When we installed the Chessie cam we also wired the location for a future additional cam. Please consider a membership so that we may improve and add features for our members to enhance your experience.