HTML5 is here, do you have the right browser?

Virtual Railfan is committed to maintaining the latest standards in technology both on it’s website and with the equipment we purchase. With our new website we are phasing out the use of Flash. Our site will now deliver video via HTML5. Some browsers have updated to this latest standard while others have not. For now we can only offer support for the Google Chrome browser until the other browsers can catch up in order to deliver this web standard. You can find Google Chrome by clicking on the following link:

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  1. Moose

    Mike, thanks for this section of the site. I hope you will update it often. I wish there were some way to steer others to read it rather than people asking the same questions over and over daily on chat. I never come on line without first reading the back log of chat because all questions people pose are already answered there. You and the team have rally gone out of your way to improve the site in every way. It’s a pleasure to come here to a family oriented site . Personally, I wish more people would move their off topic talk to the off topic site but I doubt that will ever happen. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

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