Can you hear me now?

6802713-microphone-wallpaper-hdWe have some new upgrades this week in Folkston.  Mike Tippins traveled to Folkston to install our new microphone for the North and South chessie cams.  This new mic is an outdoor, weather resistant mic.  We will be able to capture excellent audio with out hearing the fan noise any longer.  Right now the SB cam is the cam with the active mic.  Since both North and South Chessie cams are located in the same place the SB cam will provide the audio and the sound on the NB cam has been turned off.  This is the same mic we ordered for the Cajon Pass cams as well so you should expect that to be upgraded in the next several weeks.  Lights were also installed at the south end of the caboose, night viewing will be it’s best on the SB chessie cam with the additional light.  As alway we want to thank Jim, Dixie, and Millie McGurn for their help and hospitality!  The Chessie caboose is available for rental at any time throughout the year, please visit us at