About our Advertising

doubleMost of the ads you will see on our site are automatically generated by Google.  We use a format of Advertising called DART ads which are explained in detail below.  To make things short and sweet DART ads are basically ads that are catered to what you searh for from your PC or device.  We don’t control that content.  If you see ladies in bikinis rest assured we didn’t make those images appear, they were searched for on a PC or device that you are using now at some point.  Read more about DART ads and how Google operates them.

DART (aka Doubleclick) offers a variety of different products. DFP (Dart for Publishers) is an ad serving software product similar to Open AdStream (OAS). In both cases, you put tags into your web pages which call the ad server, and the ad server dynamically returns an appropriate ad into the page based on a variety of different parameters. Users log into the system to upload the creative files (which could be gifs, flash, javascript, video, etc) and set how many ads (aka “impressions”) should run for a given time period or targeted to specific demographic categories or geographical areas. 

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