2017 Maintenance Schedule


2017 has already been a busy year and it’s just getting started. Now that spring is arriving in most of the US we’re getting ready to take advantage of the warmer weather which will allow us to add new sites, upgrade old ones, and do some much needed maintenance at several of our locations.  For most locations this will just be the simple cleaning of the lenses, application of Rain-X, etc. However there are some sites that will be getting much needed upgrades or replacements. Here is our list of sites and what we plan to do there.

*We will not be setting dates on these locations in advance, check news ticker for that info.


  • New cams will replace the current Chessie Cams
  • New mics will replace the existing ones
  • New LED lighting will be installed for the SB cam
  • Wiring will be redone in a sealed conduit
  • Lens cleaning/Rain-X


  • New cams will replace the current ones
  • Firmware updated (4/17) fixed resetting issue.
  • Mic will be checked and serviced,  waterproofed
  • New mounts for cams installed
  • Lens cleaning/Rain-X
  • Install RR Radio feed


  • Addition of NB cam
  • Addition of NB mic
  • Existing mic will be checked, serviced
  • Lens cleaning/Rain-X


  • Will check site to see about possibility of a lighting package
  • Replace/Upgrade mics
  • Re-position views to match
  • Lens cleaning/Rain-X


  • Lens Cleaning/Rain-X
  • Install RR Radio feed


  • Install RR Radio feed
  • Lens cleaning/Rain-X

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