Amtrak Times

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Amtrak Times at the Cameras


The times in the table below are the best case scheduled times for Amtrak.  To determine the current or actual time for a train, you can use: and or .

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Amtrak at the Cajon Cameras
Amtrak #3 Southwest Chief7:30 AM Eastern
Amtrak #4 Southwest Chief11:35 PM Eastern


Amtrak at the Lakeshore Cameras
Amtrak #48 Lake Shore Limited7:32 AM Eastern
Amtrak #49 Lake Shore Limited1:36 AM Eastern


Amtrak at the Ft. Worth T55 Camera
Amtrak #21 Texas Eagle3:10 PM Eastern
Amtrak #22 Texas Eagle2:58 PM Eastern


Amtrak at the Folkston Cameras
Amtrak #53 AutoTrainAbout 5:00 AM Eastern
Amtrak #91 Silver Star6:08 AM Eastern
Amtrak #97 Silver Meteor8:24 AM Eastern
Amtrak #98 Silver Meteor5:40 PM Eastern
Amtrak #52 AutoTrainAbout 7:00 PM Eastern
Amtrak #92 Silver Star11:34 PM Eastern

Amtrak AutoTrain times are approximate!


Amtrak at the Thomasville Camera
TrainAt the cameraHigh Point Station
Amtrak #19 Crescent12:46 AM Eastern12:39 AM
Amtrak #20 Crescent3:09 AM Eastern3:16 AM
Carolinian #808:10 AM Eastern8:17 AM
Carolinian #796:55 PM Eastern6:48 PM
Piedmont #7312:46 AM Eastern12:39 AM
Piedmont #741:13 PM Eastern1:20 PM
Piedmont #751:45 PM Eastern1:38 PM
Piedmont #766:28 PM Eastern6:35 PM

"At the Camera" times are computed by adding or subtracting 7 minutes to/from the High Point Station Time.