About Us

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About us

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axis-q1755eLot's of folks ask us when we got started and how we ended up with a bunch of webcams in Folkston. Well... It started in late 2008. Mike & Justin traveled to Folkston to just hang out and watch some trains. We have heard folks asking why Folkston never had a webcam for quite some time. I always thought it would be neat to be able to watch Folkston from anywhere, as it offers such a unique variety of trains and of course... people going to the post office!

We finally decided in 2009 to install a webcam in town. We initially approached the City of Folkston without any luck. We were told that there would be no cams on the platform, and there certainly wouldn't be any advertising on them! We thought at that point that was the end of the Folkston webcams before they even got started. That was until Mrs. Dixie McGurn stepped up and offered the rooftop of her store for this crazy venture. We quickly got back to Florida and started researching webcams and ISP's to see if what we wanted to do was even possible. We didn't want to waste time or money with cams and Internet costs if we couldn't deliver streaming video in high quality.

Lucky for us a close friend happens to own a hosting company and didn't hesitate to help us get started. If it weren't for Tyler Bishop and his team at Beyond Hosting, our airwaves would have been dark long ago. From late nights, to weekends, even holidays Tyler and his guys were always there to help us out and make sure we stayed on the air. If you even find yourself needing web hosting of any kind, you can't beat the prices or service you will get with these guys. Stop by and visit Beyond Hosting today.

After several years and plenty of ups and downs we finally hooked up with a guy from Texas who was almost as crazy as we were. He saw the potential for the webcams and contacted us to see where we were going with them, and if we wanted to improve the site and services offered. We were pretty excited to get some help and really make this site what it should be. Mike Tippins joined us early in 2014 and has been instrumental in getting the new cam up and running. We look forward to adding more cams and doing great things all over the USA. We are experiencing a huge growth in rail traffic and new operations coming on line in the coming years. We look forward to delivering you the best quality on demand video and streaming services.

The Virtual Railfan Team

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