Tower 55 Info

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Tower 55 Info

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Tower 55 (T55) Camera

Location Fort Worth, TX.
Railroads UP and BNSF
Google Map Coordinates 32°44'38.9"N 97°19'20.9"W
Camera Position Relative to The Tracks In the Southwest quadrant of the T55 crossing
Camera Sound No
RR Radio Scanner No
ATCS file none
Google Earth .kmz file none
T55 Camera Facts
  1. The camera is mounted on the Northeast corner of the Morrison Supply Company building.
  2. Look at the Google map at the above coordinates to understand the train traffic flow at this very busy crossing.
  3. The Google map shows the North South track as a double track.  In actuality it is now a triple track.
  4. Two Amtraks per day pass T55.  They are Amtrack #21 and #22, the Texas Eagle.


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