New viewing option available

This morning one of our members asked if was possible to watch other cams while also viewing the DVR. At the time this wasn't possible, however this was a great idea and resulted in a new viewing options for Supporting and AD Free members. You can now watch a Multi Cam 2X2 HD option with one of the slots being the DVR.

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  1. AaronBNSF
    I choose La Plata and nothing happens. I am on the Monthly Non Reoccurring Subscription. Is there anything else I have to do to see that camera?
  2. mearsksealand
    Has there been any interest in having a webcam at FT Madison ---at one time there was a webcam their across from the santa fe engine display I also was wandering if anyone has contacted Larry in Ritzville Washington about installing a webcam he is right beside the tracks BNSF Lakeside Sub--he ,post to Trainorders almost daily on the western board Also would the people who have the webcam on Cajon be willing to host an ATCS tower and radio--it really makes it nice when you have both I have enjoyed the Cajon web for hours up on hours thanks for providing it Dale Smith
    • Hi Dale! If you have contacts at various places let us know. We are looking to expand in several areas. Contact us at

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