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This section contains the latest news and announcements from the VRF team. You can also look for service updates and maintenance windows.

Car drives into train

Amtrak train preparing for a station stop in Ashland, VA hits a SUV that failed to stop for the lights and gates. SUV struck the train and then bounced off into a building across the street.

Final RBBX Train @Ashland, VA

The curtain falls on 146+ years of the greatest show on earth.  The final "purple" train heads south, it's final journey home.  Goodbye Friends!

New viewing option available

This morning one of our members asked if was possible to watch other cams while also viewing the DVR. At the time this wasn't possible, however this was a great idea and resulted in a new viewing options for Supporting and AD Free members. You can now watch a Multi Cam 2X2 HD option with one of the slots being the DVR.

YouTube LIVE!

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel and subscribe. We will be selecting random new subscribers that will win a free top level membership just for subscribing!

Last Red Unit

This is the very last Red Unit Circus train you will see. It's seen here passing our live cams in Ashland, VA at 03:58am on May 11, 2017. Thanks for a lifetime of memories from the greatest show on rails.

Killing Coal Country.

From time to time we run into some great documentary projects out there and this one is no different. Take a peek at what really happened to coal country. Save $2 and use coupon code: VIRTUALRAILFAN

Welcome to La Plata, MO!

Welcome to La Plata, MO! Our live cams are located at the Amtrak Depot in La Plata, MO on the BNSF southern transcon. High speeds, long trains, and lot's of mainline action. We are now offering east and westbound views will a full audio setup. We hope you enjoy these latest additions to the VRF family.

Thomasville NB cleared

The trees were cleared this morning with a huge thanks to the City of Thomasville, NC. Check out the new northbound view now available in Thomasville. Check out the new cam here.

Grinding the Pittsburgh line

Kevin Yutz was out and about this weekend at the annual CRHS Rail-BQ and caught some excellent action. Be sure to check out Kevin's Flickr page as well as his YouTube channel for more great stuff, Thanks Kevin!

611 NB @ Thomasville

Moving north today through Thomasville, NC.


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