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This section contains the latest news and announcements from the VRF team. You can also look for service updates and maintenance windows.

611 Ferry move to Greensboro, NC

611 moved northbound today on a ferry move to Greensboro, NC.

Separation on Cajon Pass

Watch as an eastbound freight breaks in two as it comes by our live cams in Hesperia, CA. The train goes into emergency and comes to a stop as the separated section makes a hard joint.

Watch for us on the Weather Channel!

Virtual Railfan is pleased to announce our partnership with the Weather Channel.  VRF will be providing live feeds to them for use in live broadcast nationally.  We will also be providing feeds for their social media platforms as well as to the other companies they own.  If you see one of our cams on the Weather Channel, take a pic and send it to us as you could win a free membership!  We're glad to welcome the Weather Channel to our VRF family.  If you're interested in licensing our feeds for use on your website please contact us today.

High/Wide NB @Thomasville

A Schnabel car heads north through Thomasville, NC.

NS OCS NB @ Thomasville

The NS OCS makes it's way back north through Thomasville, NC on this beautiful April morning.  Photo by:  Kevin Yutz  @Wilmerding, PA.

2017 Maintenance Schedule

2017 MAINTENANCE & UPGRADE PLANS 2017 has already been a busy year and it's just getting started. Now that spring is arriving in most of the US we're getting ready to take advantage of the warmer weather which will allow us to add new sites, upgrade old ones, and do some much needed maintenance at…
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611 NB @ Thomasville, NC 4/9/2017

NW 611 Glides past some excited railfans in the beautiful city of Thomasville, NC on this cold April morning.

HTML5 is here, do you have the right browser?

Virtual Railfan is committed to maintaining the latest standards in technology both on it's website and with the equipment we purchase. With our new website we are phasing out the use of Flash. Our site will now deliver video via HTML5. Some browsers have updated to this latest standard while others have not. For now we can only offer support for the Google Chrome browser until the other browsers can catch up in order to deliver this web standard. You can find Google Chrome by clicking on the following link:

Pardon our dust!

We're almost done with our new website.  You may have noticed some things have changed around here!  We're always trying to improve your experience and this new site is no exception.  Some of the menu items should be easier to get to and you will notice that the cams should be easier to get to as well.

We have huge plans for spring and summer this year with several new locations coming as well as new cams at old locations.  Some locations will be getting brand new lighting packages among other site improvements.  We hope you enjoy all the upgrades.